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In Scientific data

During the second half of 2020, many European governments responded to the resurging transmission of SARS-CoV-2 with wide-ranging non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs). These efforts were often highly targeted at the regional level and included fine-grained NPIs. This paper describes a new dataset designed for the accurate recording of NPIs in Europe's second wave to allow precise modelling of NPI effectiveness. The dataset includes interventions from 114 regions in 7 European countries during the period from the 1st August 2020 to the 9th January 2021. The paper includes NPI definitions tailored to the second wave following an exploratory data collection. Each entry has been extensively validated by semi-independent double entry, comparison with existing datasets, and, when necessary, discussion with local epidemiologists. The dataset has considerable potential for use in disentangling the effectiveness of NPIs and comparing the impact of interventions across different phases of the pandemic.

Altman George, Ahuja Janvi, Monrad Joshua Teperowski, Dhaliwal Gurpreet, Rogers-Smith Charlie, Leech Gavin, Snodin Benedict, Sandbrink Jonas B, Finnveden Lukas, Norman Alexander John, Oehm Sebastian B, Sandkühler Julia Fabienne, Kulveit Jan, Flaxman Seth, Gal Yarin, Mishra Swapnil, Bhatt Samir, Sharma Mrinank, Mindermann Sören, Brauner Jan Markus