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In Physics of fluids (Woodbury, N.Y. : 1994)

Evaporation of virus-loaded droplets and liquid nanofilms plays a significant role in the pandemic of COVID-19. The evaporation mechanism of liquid nanofilms has attracted much attention in recent decades. In this minireview, we first introduce the relationship between the evaporation process of liquid nanofilms and the pandemic of COVID-19. Then, we briefly provide the frontiers of liquid droplet/nanofilm evaporation on solid surfaces. In addition, we discuss the potential application of machine learning in liquid nanofilm evaporation studies, which is expected to be helpful to build up a more accurate molecular model and to investigate the evaporation mechanism of liquid nanofilms on solid surfaces.

Zhang Kaixuan, Fang Wei, Lv Cunjing, Feng Xi-Qiao