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In Wireless personal communications

Since the COVID-19 situation keeps going on started from 2019. Many solutions are to against the spreading of coronavirus disease. The nurses have died, and other medical workers are in critical condition from operating in the hospital. It is a deadly virus that kills many humans; Thailand's solutions have urged the public to be confident about the Government's handling of the 2019-novel Coronavirus. At the same time, everyone has to embrace the new normal lifestyle and social distancing while patiently waiting for scientists and doctors to discover vaccines and treatments to defeat COVID-19. This work proposes an innovation of wireless body temperature that instead of the used manual by medical workers in the hospital of "the contactless body temperature monitoring (CBTM) of the in-patient department (IPD)." The proposed CBTM implementation applied artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The specified infrared body temperature on the MLX90614 DCI used for the medical field was selected to embed the IoT-CBTM for IPD using the IoT platform. The MLX90614 is an accurate sensor that matches to use for medical promotion. The detected information data from IPD will be sent to the host computer and stored in the cloud internet service at a microwave band frequency of 2.5/5.0 GHz. This paper presents the accuracy test of the IoT-CBTM prototype calibrated with the manual body temperature verifying device under Thai Industrial Institute to close with the accuracy standard requirement. The experiments were repeated many times until raise up over 70% to get more reliability accuracy. The findings indicated that the proposed prototype achieved a reliability calibration of 74.7%. The actual use of IoT-CBTM is convenient to the nurse, doctor, and medical workers to collect body temperature data into the host computer, and they can monitor this information at all times in the working room, which is far away from the COVID-19 patients. Therefore, this novel innovation was achieved because it took to try out at a local health-promoting hospital in Songkhla Province, Thailand, which the IoT-CBTM system was satisfied by the medical staff because it can safe their time, and genuinely reaching the new norm on medical distancing real-time monitoring.

Boonsong Wasana, Senajit Narongrit, Prasongchan Piya