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In Automation in construction

Wuhan Leishenshan/Leishenshan ("Leishenshan" for short) hospital is a makeshift emergency hospital for treating patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP). Engineering construction uses modular composite building finished products to the greatest extent, which reduces the workload of field operations and saves a lot of time. The building information model (BIM) technology assists in design and construction work to meet rapid construction requirements. Besides, based on the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) data analysis and application platform, digitization and intelligence in engineering construction are improved. Simultaneously, on-site construction and overall hoisting were carried out to achieve maximum efficiency. This article aims to take the construction of Leishenshan Hospital as an example to illustrate how to adopt BIM technology and other high-tech technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, drones, and 5G for the fast construction of the fabricated steel structure systems in emergency engineering projects.

Chen Ling-Kun, Yuan Rui-Peng, Ji Xing-Jun, Lu Xing-Yu, Xiao Jiang, Tao Jun-Bo, Kang Xin, Li Xin, He Zhen-Hua, Quan Shu, Jiang Li-Zhong


Accelerated design and construction, Building information model (BIM) technology, Light steel structure, Modular composite building, Off-site building modular units, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Wuhan Leishenshan hospital