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In Frontiers in digital health

The 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic revealed the urgent need for the acceleration of vaccine development worldwide. Rapid vaccine development poses numerous risks for each category of vaccine technology. By using the Risklick artificial intelligence (AI), we estimated the risks associated with all types of COVID-19 vaccine during the early phase of vaccine development. We then performed a postmortem analysis of the probability and the impact matrix calculations by comparing the 2020 prognosis to the contemporary situation. We used the Risklick AI to evaluate the risks and their incidence associated with vaccine development in the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our analysis revealed the diversity of risks among vaccine technologies currently used by pharmaceutical companies providing vaccines. This analysis highlighted the current and future potential pitfalls connected to vaccine production during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the Risklick AI appears as an essential tool in vaccine development for the treatment of COVID-19 in order to formally anticipate the risks, and increases the overall performance from the production to the distribution of the vaccines. The Risklick AI could, therefore, be extended to other fields of research and development and represent a novel opportunity in the calculation of production-associated risks.

Haas Quentin, Borisov Nikolay, Alvarez David Vicente, Ferdowsi Sohrab, von Mayenn Leonhard, Teodoro Douglas, Amini Poorya


COVID-19, artificial intelligence, pharmacology, risk analysis, vaccine