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In International journal of hospitality management

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has severely affected the global hospitality industry. The hygiene and cleanliness of hotels has become the focal point in the recovery plan during COVID-19. This study investigates the effects of past disasters on the global hospitality industry, and how the industry responded to them. Since past pandemics and epidemics identified hygiene and cleanliness as an important factor, this study further explores the role of technology in ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. Hence, this study further examines the scalability of Industry 5.0 design principles into the hospitality context, leading to Hospitality 5.0 to improve operational efficiency. The study further delineates how Hospitality 5.0 technologies can ensure hygiene and cleanliness in various touchpoints in customer's journey. This study serves as a foundation to understand how synergy between humans and machines can be achieved through Hospitality 5.0. The theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Pillai Souji Gopalakrishna, Haldorai Kavitha, Seo Won Seok, Kim Woo Gon


Artificial intelligence, Automation, COVID-19, Customer journey, Hospitality 5.0, Hygiene and cleanliness, Industry 5.0, Mobile technology, Robots, Virtual/augmented reality