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Coughing is a common symptom of several respiratory diseases. The sound and type of cough are useful features to consider when diagnosing a disease. Respiratory infections pose a significant risk to human lives worldwide as well as a significant economic downturn, particularly in countries with limited therapeutic resources. In this study we reviewed the latest proposed technologies that were used to control the impact of respiratory diseases. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a promising technology that aids in data analysis and prediction of results, thereby ensuring people's well-being. We conveyed that the cough symptom can be reliably used by AI algorithms to detect and diagnose different types of known diseases including pneumonia, pulmonary edema, asthma, tuberculosis (TB), COVID19, pertussis, and other respiratory diseases. We also identified different techniques that produced the best results for diagnosing respiratory disease using cough samples. This study presents the most recent challenges, solutions, and opportunities in respiratory disease detection and diagnosis, allowing practitioners and researchers to develop better techniques.

Alqudaihi Kawther S, Aslam Nida, Khan Irfan Ullah, Almuhaideb Abdullah M, Alsunaidi Shikah J, Ibrahim Nehad M Abdel Rahman, Alhaidari Fahd A, Shaikh Fatema S, Alsenbel Yasmine M, Alalharith Dima M, Alharthi Hajar M, Alghamdi Wejdan M, Alshahrani Mohammed S


2019 novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), Artificial intelligence (AI), cough detection, cough-based diagnosis, respiratory illness diagnosis