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In NPJ digital medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of innovative healthcare methods, including remote patient monitoring. In the setting of limited healthcare resources, outpatient management of individuals newly diagnosed with COVID-19 was commonly implemented, some taking advantage of various personal health technologies, but only rarely using a multi-parameter chest-patch for continuous monitoring. Here we describe the development and validation of a COVID-19 decompensation index (CDI) model based on chest patch-derived continuous sensor data to predict COVID-19 hospitalizations in outpatient-managed COVID-19 positive individuals, achieving an overall AUC of the ROC Curve of 0.84 on 308 event negative participants, and 22 event positive participants, out of an overall study cohort of 400 participants. We retrospectively compare the performance of CDI to standard of care modalities, finding that the machine learning model outperforms the standard of care modalities in terms of both numbers of events identified and with a lower false alarm rate. While only a pilot phase study, the CDI represents a promising application of machine learning within a continuous remote patient monitoring system.

Richards Dylan M, Tweardy MacKenzie J, Steinhubl Steven R, Chestek David W, Hoek Terry L Vanden, Larimer Karen A, Wegerich Stephan W