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In Journal of healthcare engineering

The mouse is one of the wonderful inventions of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technology. Currently, wireless mouse or a Bluetooth mouse still uses devices and is not free of devices completely since it uses a battery for power and a dongle to connect it to the PC. In the proposed AI virtual mouse system, this limitation can be overcome by employing webcam or a built-in camera for capturing of hand gestures and hand tip detection using computer vision. The algorithm used in the system makes use of the machine learning algorithm. Based on the hand gestures, the computer can be controlled virtually and can perform left click, right click, scrolling functions, and computer cursor function without the use of the physical mouse. The algorithm is based on deep learning for detecting the hands. Hence, the proposed system will avoid COVID-19 spread by eliminating the human intervention and dependency of devices to control the computer.

Shriram S, Nagaraj B, Jaya J, Shankar S, Ajay P