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In Informatics in medicine unlocked

RNA viruses have high rate of replication and mutation that help them adapt and change according to their environmental conditions. Many viral mutants are the cause of various severe and lethal diseases. Vaccines, on the other hand have the capacity to protect us from infectious diseases by eliciting antibody or cell-mediated immune responses that are pathogen-specific. While there are a few reviews pertaining to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for SARS-COV-2 vaccine development, none focus on peptide vaccination for RNA viruses and the important role played by AI in it. Peptide vaccine which is slowly coming to be recognized as a safe and effective vaccination strategy has the capacity to overcome the mutant escape problem which is also being currently faced by SARS-COV-2 vaccines in circulation.Here we review the present scenario of peptide vaccines which are developed using mathematical and computational statistics methods to prevent the spread of disease caused by RNA viruses. We also focus on the importance and current stage of AI and mathematical evolutionary modeling using machine learning tools in the establishment of these new peptide vaccines for the control of viral disease.

Mohanty Eileena, Mohanty Anima


Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Peptide, RNA-Virus, Vaccine