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In SN computer science

The COVID-19 pandemic creates a significant impact on everyone's life. One of the fundamental movements to cope with this challenge is identifying the COVID-19-affected patients as early as possible. In this paper, we classified COVID-19, Pneumonia, and Healthy cases from the chest X-ray images by applying the transfer learning approach on the pre-trained VGG-19 architecture. We use MongoDB as a database to store the original image and corresponding category. The analysis is performed on a public dataset of 3797 X-ray images, among them COVID-19 affected (1184 images), Pneumonia affected (1294 images), and Healthy (1319 images) ( This research gained an accuracy of 97.11%, average precision of 97%, and average Recall of 97% on the test dataset.

Chakraborty Soarov, Paul Shourav, Hasan K M Azharul


COVID-19, Deep learning, MongoDB, Pneumonia, Transfer learning