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In International journal of community well-being

Given the need for real time data to aid in decision-making at the community level, contact tracing applications (apps) are explored as a potential method of gauging overall community well-being. The context of contact tracing effectiveness and integration with artificial intelligence is provided, as well as ideas and suggestions for how to expand for use as a community-wide data gathering approach. This commentary seeks to explore dimensions around the use of such apps to help manage in times of crisis given the widespread and destructive impacts the pandemic has on community well-being, including negative economic impacts and social declines. By connecting with community well-being, the idea of a contact tracing framework would enable communities to track data and make decisions to help foster well-being across public health, economic and social domains.

Musikanski Laura, Phillips Rhonda, Rogers Paul


COVID-19, Community well-being, Contract tracing, Resilience