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In Bioresource technology

Bioenergy may be a major replacement of fossil fuels which can make the path easier for sustainable development and decrease the dependency on conventional sources of energy. The main concern with the bioenergy is the availability of feedstock, dealing with its economics as well as its demand and supply chain management. This review deals with the finding of distinct potential of different Artificial Intelligence technologies focusing the challenges in bioenergy production system and its overall improvement in application. The study also highlights the contribution of Artificial Intelligence techniques for the prediction of energy from biomass and evaluates the computing-reasoning techniques for managing bioenergy production, biomass supply chain and optimization of process parameters for efficient bioconversion technologies.

Meena Manish, Shubham Shubham, Paritosh Kunwar, Pareek Nidhi, Vivekanand Vivekanand


Artificial Intelligence, Bioenergy conversion technologies, Biofuels, Biogas, Biomass