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In Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA

OBJECTIVE : The study sought to conduct an informatics analysis on the National Evaluation System for Health Technology Coordinating Center test case of cardiac ablation catheters and to demonstrate the role of informatics approaches in the feasibility assessment of capturing real-world data using unique device identifiers (UDIs) that are fit for purpose for label extensions for 2 cardiac ablation catheters from the electronic health records and other health information technology systems in a multicenter evaluation.

MATERIALS AND METHODS : We focused on data capture and transformation and data quality maturity model specified in the National Evaluation System for Health Technology Coordinating Center data quality framework. The informatics analysis included 4 elements: the use of UDIs for identifying device exposure data, the use of standardized codes for defining computable phenotypes, the use of natural language processing for capturing unstructured data elements from clinical data systems, and the use of common data models for standardizing data collection and analyses.

RESULTS : We found that, with the UDI implementation at 3 health systems, the target device exposure data could be effectively identified, particularly for brand-specific devices. Computable phenotypes for study outcomes could be defined using codes; however, ablation registries, natural language processing tools, and chart reviews were required for validating data quality of the phenotypes. The common data model implementation status varied across sites. The maturity level of the key informatics technologies was highly aligned with the data quality maturity model.

CONCLUSIONS : We demonstrated that the informatics approaches can be feasibly used to capture safety and effectiveness outcomes in real-world data for use in medical device studies supporting label extensions.

Jiang Guoqian, Dhruva Sanket S, Chen Jiajing, Schulz Wade L, Doshi Amit A, Noseworthy Peter A, Zhang Shumin, Yu Yue, Patrick Young H, Brandt Eric, Ervin Keondae R, Shah Nilay D, Ross Joseph S, Coplan Paul, Drozda Joseph P


RWE, UDI, cardiac ablation catheters, informatics analysis, medical device evaluation, real-world evidence, unique device identifier