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In Nature computational science

Survival prediction is an important problem that is encountered widely in industry and medicine. Despite the explosion of artificial intelligence technologies, no uniformed method allows the application of any type of regression learning algorithm to a survival prediction problem. Here, we present a statistical modeling method that is generalized to all types of regression learning algorithm, including deep learning. We present its empirical advantage when it is applied to traditional survival problems. We demonstrate its expanded applications in different types of regression learning algorithm, such as gradient boosted trees, convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks. Additionally, we demonstrate its application in clinical informatic data, pathological images and the hardware industry. We expect that this algorithm will be widely applicable for diverse types of survival data, including discrete data types and those suitable for deep learning such as those with time or spatial continuity.

Guan Yuanfang, Li Hongyang, Yi Daiyao, Zhang Dongdong, Yin Changchang, Li Keyu, Zhang Ping