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COVID-19 gains from the research and technology component's establishment of information science, artificial intelligence, and computer understanding. The article aims to discuss the numerous facets of today's modern technology utilized to combat COVID-19 emergencies on various scales, such as medicinal picture handling, illness tracking, expected outcomes, computational science, and medications. Techniques: A complex search of the knowledge base associated with existing COVID-19 innovation is conducted. Furthermore, a concise survey of the excluded data is conducted, analyzing the various aspects of current developments for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The below are the outcomes: We have a window of musings on the audit of the tech propellers used to mitigate and mask the significant impact of the upheaval. Even though several investigations into current innovation in COVID-19 have surfaced, there are still required implementations and contributions of innovation in this war. Consequently, a thorough presentation of the available data is given, and several modern technology implementations for combating the pandemic of COVID-19. Continuous advancements of advanced technologies have aided in improving the public's lives, and there is a strong belief that proven study plans utilizing AI would be of great benefit in assisting people in combating this infection.

Shamman Ali H, Hadi Ahmed A, Ramul Ali R, Zahra Musaddak M Abdul, Gheni Hassan M


Artificial intelligence, COVID-19, Machine learning, Modern technology