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Respiratory infections corona virus 2-caused inflammatory disorders are CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) (SARS-CoV-2). A serious corona virus acute disease arose in 2019. Wuhan, China, was the first location to find the virus in December 2019, which has now been spreading all over the world. Recurrent neural networks, together with the use of LSTMs, fail to provide solutions to numerous issues (RNNs). So this paper has proposed RNN with Gated Recurrent Units for the COVID-19 prediction. This paper utilizes system, which was developed to assist nations (the Czech Republic, the United States, India, and Russia) combat the early stages of a newly emerging infection. For instance, the system tracks confirmed and reported cases, and monitors cures and deaths on a daily basis. This was done to allow the relevant parties to have an early grasp of the disastrous damage the lethal virus will bring. The implemented is an ensemble approach of RNN and GRU that work has computed the RMSE value for the different cases such as infected, cure and death across the four different countries.

Natarajan Sathish, Kumar Mohit, Gadde Sai Kiran Kumar, Venugopal Vijay


Deep learning, LSTM GRU, RMSE, Recurrent Neural Network