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In Frontiers in psychology ; h5-index 92.0

With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), it is imperative to combine design methods with new technologies. From the perspective of the personalized design of derived images of art paintings, this study analyzes the new user demand generated by the current situation and background of personalized design, puts forward a new method of derivative design based on AI emotion analysis, verifies the feasibility of the new method by constructing a personalized design system of derived images of art paintings driven by facial emotion features, and explores the method of combining AI emotion recognition, emotion analysis, and personalized design. This study provides new ideas for the design of art derivatives for the future with massive personalized demand. Thinking and practicing from the perspective of the development of new technology will promote the change of design paradigms in the digital age.

Duan Yingjing, Zhang Jie, Gu Xiaoqing


art derivatives, artificial intelligence, design paradigm, emotional analysis, emotional features