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In Medical journal, Armed Forces India

Neurology practice has faced many challenges since Jean-Martin Charcot established its sacred tenets. Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionize the time-tested neurology practice in unimaginable ways. AI can now diagnose stroke from CT/MRI scans, detect papilledema and diabetic retinopathy from retinal scans, interpret electroencephalogram (EEG) to prognosticate coma, detect seizure well before ictus, predict conversion of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's dementia, classify neurodegenerative diseases based on gait and handwriting. Clinical practice would likely change in near future to accommodate AI as a complementary tool. The clinician should be prepared to change the perception of AI from nemesis to opportunity.

Vinny P W, Vishnu V Y, Padma Srivastava M V


Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Neurology, Stroke