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In IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence ; h5-index 127.0

We consider the reconstruction problem of video snapshot compressive imaging (SCI), which captures high-speed videos using a low-speed 2D sensor. The underlying principle of SCI is to modulate sequential high-speed frames with different masks and then these encoded frames are integrated into a snapshot on the sensor and thus the sensor can be of low-speed.On one hand, video SCI enjoys the advantages of low-bandwidth, low-power and low-cost. On the other hand, applying SCI to large-scale problems (HD or UHD videos) in our daily life is still challenging and one of the bottlenecks lies in the reconstruction algorithm. Exiting algorithms are either too slow (iterative optimization algorithms) or not flexible to the encoding process (deep learning based end-to-end networks). In this paper, we develop fast and flexible algorithms for SCI based on the plug-and-play (PnP) framework. In addition to the PnP-ADMM, we further propose the PnP-GAP algorithm with a lower computational workload. Furthermore, we extend the proposed PnP algorithms to the color SCI system using mosaic sensors. A joint reconstruction and demosaicing paradigm is developed for flexible and high quality reconstruction of color video SCI systems. Extensive results on both simulation and real datasets verify the superiority of our proposed algorithm.

Yuan Xin, Liu Yang, Suo Jinli, Durand Fredo, Dai Qionghai