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In Orthodontics & craniofacial research

Palatal shape varies significantly among individuals and is related to a wide range of factors of interest to orthodontists including breathing pattern1 and occlusion2 . Moreover, there is evidence that palatal shape is related to facial pattern3,4 . Clinically, the objective evaluation of palate shape has the potential to aid in the evaluation and outcome prediction for orthodontic/dentofacial orthopedic procedures such as maxillary expansion and those involving tooth extractions5-8 .

Nauwelaers Nele, Matthews Harold, Fan Yi, Croquet Balder, Hoskens Hanne, Mahdi Soha, El Sergani Ahmed, Gong Shunwang, Xu Tianmin, Bronstein Michael, Marazita Mary, Weinberg Seth, Claes Peter