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In BMC bioinformatics

BACKGROUND : Data integration to build a biomedical knowledge graph is a challenging task. There are multiple disease ontologies used in data sources and publications, each having its hierarchy. A common task is to map between ontologies, find disease clusters and finally build a representation of the chosen disease area. There is a shortage of published resources and tools to facilitate interactive, efficient and flexible cross-referencing and analysis of multiple disease ontologies commonly found in data sources and research.

RESULTS : Our results are represented as a knowledge graph solution that uses disease ontology cross-references and facilitates switching between ontology hierarchies for data integration and other tasks.

CONCLUSIONS : Grakn core with pre-installed "Disease ontologies for knowledge graphs" facilitates the biomedical knowledge graph build and provides an elegant solution for the multiple disease ontologies problem.

Kurbatova Natalja, Swiers Rowan


Data integration, Knowledge graph, Ontologies