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In Future healthcare journal

Improved outcomes for acutely unwell patients are predicated on early identification of deterioration, accelerating the time to accurate diagnosis of the underlying condition, selection and titration of treatments that target biological phenotypes, and personalised endpoints to achieve optimal benefit yet minimise iatrogenic harm. Technological developments entering routine clinical practice over the next decade will deliver a sea change in patient management. Enhanced point of care diagnostics, more sophisticated physiological and biochemical monitoring with superior analytics and computer-aided support tools will all add considerable artificial intelligence to complement clinical skills. Experts in different fields of emergency and critical care medicine offer their perspectives as to which research developments could make a big difference within the next decade.

Newcombe Virginia, Coats Timothy, Dark Paul, Gordon Anthony, Harris Steve, McAuley Danny F, Menon David K, Price Susanna, Puthucheary Zudin, Singer Mervyn


acute care, emergency care, precision medicine, stratified medicine