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In IEEE computer graphics and applications

We propose STSRNet, a joint space-time super-resolution deep learning based model for time-varying vector field data. Our method is designed to reconstruct high temporal resolution (HTR) and high spatial resolution (HSR) vector fields sequence from the corresponding low-resolution key frames. For large scale simulations, only data from a subset of time steps with reduced spatial resolution can be stored for post-hoc analysis. In this paper, we leverage a deep learning model to capture the non-linear complex changes of vector field data with a two-stage architecture: the first stage deforms a pair of low spatial resolution (LSR) key frames forward and backward to generate the intermediate LSR frames, and the second stage performs spatial super-resolution to output the high-resolution sequence. Our method is scalable and can handle different data sets. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework with several data sets through quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

An Yifei, Shen Han-Wei, Shan Guihua, Li Guan, Liu Jun