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In Genome medicine ; h5-index 64.0

Multi-omics data are good resources for prognosis and survival prediction; however, these are difficult to integrate computationally. We introduce DeepProg, a novel ensemble framework of deep-learning and machine-learning approaches that robustly predicts patient survival subtypes using multi-omics data. It identifies two optimal survival subtypes in most cancers and yields significantly better risk-stratification than other multi-omics integration methods. DeepProg is highly predictive, exemplified by two liver cancer (C-index 0.73-0.80) and five breast cancer datasets (C-index 0.68-0.73). Pan-cancer analysis associates common genomic signatures in poor survival subtypes with extracellular matrix modeling, immune deregulation, and mitosis processes. DeepProg is freely available at

Poirion Olivier B, Jing Zheng, Chaudhary Kumardeep, Huang Sijia, Garmire Lana X


Cancer, Deep learning, Ensemble learning, Machine learning, Prognosis, Survival, multi-omics