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In Current opinion in ophthalmology

PURPOSE OF REVIEW : This article aims to discuss the current state of resources enabling the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI) in ophthalmology.

RECENT FINDINGS : Open datasets, efficient labeling techniques, code-free automated machine learning (AutoML) and cloud-based platforms for deployment are resources that enable clinicians with scarce resources to drive their own AI projects.

SUMMARY : Clinicians are the use-case experts who are best suited to drive AI projects tackling patient-relevant outcome measures. Taken together, open datasets, efficient labeling techniques, code-free AutoML and cloud platforms break the barriers for clinician-driven AI. As AI becomes increasingly democratized through such tools, clinicians and patients stand to benefit greatly.

Korot Edward, Gonçalves Mariana B, Khan Saad M, Struyven Robbert, Wagner Siegfried K, Keane Pearse A