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In American journal of hematology ; h5-index 62.0

Hematology analyzers capable of performing complete blood count (CBC) have lagged in their prevalence at the point-of-care. Sight OLO® (Sight Diagnostics, Israel) is a novel hematological platform which provides a 19 parameter, five-part differential CBC, and is designed to address the limitations in current point-of-care hematology analyzers using recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision. Accuracy, repeatability, and flagging capabilities of OLO were compared with the Sysmex XN-Series System (Sysmex, Japan). Matrix studies compared performance using venous, capillary and direct-from-finger-prick blood samples. Regression analysis shows strong concordance between OLO and the Sysmex XN, demonstrating that OLO performs with high accuracy for all CBC parameters. High repeatability and reproducibility were demonstrated for most of the testing parameters. The analytical performance of the OLO hematology analyzer was validated in a multicenter clinical laboratory setting, demonstrating its accuracy and comparability to clinical laboratory-based hematology analyzers. Furthermore, the study demonstrated the validity of CBC analysis of samples collected directly from fingerpricks. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Bachar Neta, Benbassat Dana, Brailovsky David, Eshel Yochay, Gl├╝ck Dan, Levner Daniel, Levy Sarah, Pecker Sharon, Yurkovsky Evgeny, Zait Amir, Sever Cordelia, Kratz Alexander, Brugnara Carlo