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In Obesity surgery ; h5-index 57.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolution in data analysis with emerging roles in various specialties and with various applications. The objective of this scoping review was to retrieve current literature on the fields of AI that have been applied to metabolic bariatric surgery (MBS) and to investigate potential applications of AI as a decision-making tool of the bariatric surgeon. Initial search yielded 3260 studies published from January 2000 until March 2021. After screening, 49 unique articles were included in the final analysis. Studies were grouped into categories, and the frequency of appearing algorithms, dataset types, and metrics were documented. The heterogeneity of current studies showed that meticulous validation, strict reporting systems, and reliable benchmarking are mandatory for ensuring the clinical validity of future research.

Pantelis Athanasios G, Stravodimos Georgios K, Lapatsanis Dimitris P


artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, machine learning, metabolic bariatric surgery, predictive models