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In Health information science and systems

Lung Ultrasound (LUS) images are considered to be effective for detecting Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) as an alternative to the existing reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based detection scheme. However, the recent literature exhibits a shortage of works dealing with LUS image-based COVID-19 detection. In this paper, a spectral mask enhancement (SpecMEn) scheme is introduced along with a histogram equalization pre-processing stage to reduce the noise effect in LUS images prior to utilizing them for feature extraction. In order to detect the COVID-19 cases, we propose to utilize the SpecMEn pre-processed LUS images in the deep learning (DL) models (namely the SpecMEn-DL method), which offers a better representation of some characteristics features in LUS images and results in very satisfactory classification performance. The performance of the proposed SpecMEn-DL technique is appraised by implementing some state-of-the-art DL models and comparing the results with related studies. It is found that the use of the SpecMEn scheme in DL techniques offers an average increase in accuracy and F 1 score of 11 % and 11.75 % , respectively, at the video-level. Comprehensive analysis and visualization of the intermediate steps manifest a very satisfactory detection performance creating a flexible and safe alternative option for the clinicians to get assistance while obtaining the immediate evaluation of the patients.

Sadik Farhan, Dastider Ankan Ghosh, Fattah Shaikh Anowarul


COVID-19, Disease classification, Image processing, Lung ultrasound, Spectral mask