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In Journal of healthcare engineering

Introduction : Health monitoring and remote diagnosis can be realized through Smart Healthcare. In view of the existing problems such as simple measurement parameters of wearable devices, huge computing pressure of cloud servers, and lack of individualization of diagnosis, a novel Cloud-Internet of Things (C-IOT) framework for medical monitoring is put forward.

Methods : Smart phones are adopted as gateway devices to achieve data standardization and preprocess to generate health gray-scale map uploaded to the cloud server. The cloud server realizes the business logic processing and uses the deep learning model to carry out the gray-scale map calculation of health parameters. A deep learning model based on the convolution neural network (CNN) is constructed, in which six volunteers are selected to participate in the experiment, and their health data are marked by private doctors to generate initial data set.

Results : Experimental results show the feasibility of the proposed framework. The test data set is used to test the CNN model after training; the forecast accuracy is over 77.6%.

Conclusion : The CNN model performs well in the recognition of health status. Collectively, this Smart Healthcare System is expected to assist doctors by improving the diagnosis of health status in clinical practice.

Guo Benzhen, Ma Yanli, Yang Jingjing, Wang Zhihui