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In Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology

A wearable device system was proposed in the present work to address the problem of facial emotion recognition disorders. The proposed system could comprehensively analyze the user's own stress status, emotions of people around, and the surrounding environment. The system consists of a multi-dimensional physiological signals acquisition module, an image acquisition and transmission module, a user interface of the user mobile terminal, and a cloud database for data storage. Moreover, a deep learning based multi-model physiological signal pressure recognition algorithm and a facial emotion recognition algorithm were designed and implemented in the system. Some publicly available data sets were used to test the two algorithms, and the experiment results showed that the two algorithms could well realize the expected functions of the system.

Lian Zhengxu, Guo Yingjie, Cao Xinyu, Li Wendi


facial emotion recognition, facial emotion recognition disorder, multi-modal physiological signal, pressure recognition, wearable device