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In Journal of healthcare engineering

Smart medical care is user-centric, medical information is the main line, and big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies are used to establish scientific and accurate information, as well as an efficient and reasonable medical service system. Smart medical plays an important role in alleviating doctor-patient conflicts caused by information asymmetry, regional health differences caused by irrational allocation of medical resources, and improving medical service levels. This article mainly introduces the remote care assistance system of emergency department based on smart medical and intends to provide some ideas and directions for the technical research of patients in emergency department receiving remote care. This paper proposes a research method for remote care assistance in emergency departments based on smart medical, including an overview of remote care based on smart medical, remote care sensor real-time monitoring algorithms based on smart medical, signal detection algorithms, and signal clustering algorithms for smart medical. Remote care in the emergency department assisted in research experiments. The experimental results show that 86.0% of patients like the remote care system based on smart medical studied in this paper.

Zhou Chengli, Hu Juan, Chen Ni