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In BioMed research international ; h5-index 102.0

Analysis and diagnosis according to the collected physical data are an important part in the physical examination. Through the data analysis of the physical examination results and expert diagnoses, the physical condition of a specific physical examination unit can be achieved which may guide individual health development. However, in general, the application of physical examination data is insufficient in most of the current physical examination organizations. Therefore, in the present study, statistical analysis and intelligent diagnosis were applied to maximize the utilization of physical examination data. The physical examination data collected from different departments of Dalian University of Technology were statistically analyzed and then synthesized for stimulating the thinking mode and knowledge framework of medical experts by a learning model on machine, resulting in the construction of an intelligent physical examination diagnosis method with 93.4% accuracy confirmed by experts. In conclusion, a potential artificial intelligence model of psychical examination data on health analysis and intelligent diagnosis was established, which may become more and more accurate with data accumulation in the near future.

Wang Xiao-Ling, Liu Jun, Li Zi-Qi, Luan Zhi-Lin