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In IEEE journal of translational engineering in health and medicine

Background: Accurate and fast diagnosis of COVID-19 is very important to manage the medical conditions of affected persons. The task is challenging owing to shortage and ineffectiveness of clinical testing kits. However, the existing problems can be improved by employing computational intelligent techniques on radiological images like CT-Scans (Computed Tomography) of lungs. Extensive research has been reported using deep learning models to diagnose the severity of COVID-19 from CT images. This has undoubtedly minimized the manual involvement in abnormality identification but reported detection accuracy is limited. Methods: The present work proposes an expert model based on deep features and Parameter Free BAT (PF-BAT) optimized Fuzzy K-nearest neighbor (PF-FKNN) classifier to diagnose novel coronavirus. In this proposed model, features are extracted from the fully connected layer of transfer learned MobileNetv2 followed by FKNN training. The hyperparameters of FKNN are fine-tuned using PF-BAT. Results: The experimental results on the benchmark COVID CT scan data reveal that the proposed algorithm attains a validation accuracy of 99.38% which is better than the existing state-of-the-art methods proposed in past. Conclusion: The proposed model will help in timely and accurate identification of the coronavirus at the various phases. Such kind of rapid diagnosis will assist clinicians to manage the healthcare condition of patients well and will help in speedy recovery from the diseases. Clinical and Translational Impact Statement - The proposed automated system can provide accurate and fast detection of COVID-19 signature from lung radiographs. Also, the usage of lighter MobileNetv2 architecture makes it practical for deployment in real-time.

Kaur Taranjit, Gandhi Tapan K, Panigrahi Bijaya K


COVID-19, deep features, diagnosis, parameter free BAT optimization