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In GeroScience

The University of Washington Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging provides leadership and resources to support the geroscience community locally, nationally, and internationally. Services are provided through our Resource Cores and funds are available annually to support pilot projects by external investigators. Aging-related studies involving proteomics, metabolomics, invertebrate model organisms, and bioinformatics/artificial intelligence are supported by our Cores. The UW Nathan Shock Center also serves as the administrative home for a Geropathology Research Resource. In addition, the Center works in conjunction with the University of Washington Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Institute to organize and support an annual Seminar Series in the Biology of Aging, an annual 1-day Geroscience Symposium, didactic training for the Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging Training Program, and other strategic initiatives. Our Center also supports the American Aging Association Annual Meeting, and we have recently partnered with the American Aging Association and the JAX Aging Center to create a set of video lectures on select topics in geroscience as part of the AGE Presents Video Lecture Series.

Kaeberlein Matt, Bitto Alessandro, Dunham Maitreya J, Ladiges Warren, Lee Su-In, MacCoss Michael J, Mendenhall Alexander, Promislow Daniel E L, Rabinovitch Peter S, Villén Judit, Wang Lu, Wang Yuliang, Young Jessica E


Aging, Machine learning, Mass spectrometry, National Institute on Aging, Systems biology, Worms, Yeast