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In Neural computing & applications

The escalating transmission intensity of COVID-19 pandemic is straining the healthcare systems worldwide. Due to the unavailability of effective pharmaceutical treatment and vaccines, monitoring social distancing is the only viable tool to strive against asymptomatic transmission. Pertaining to the need of monitoring the social distancing at populated areas, a novel bird eye view computer vision-based framework implementing deep learning and utilizing surveillance video is proposed. This proposed method employs YOLO v3 object detection model and uses key point regressor to detect the key feature points. Additionally, as the massive crowd is detected, the bounding boxes on objects are received, and red boxes are also visible if social distancing is violated. When empirically tested over real-time data, proposed method is established to be efficacious than the existing approaches in terms of inference time and frame rate.

Magoo Raghav, Singh Harpreet, Jindal Neeru, Hooda Nishtha, Rana Prashant Singh


Bounding boxes, COVID-19, Deep learning, Real-time, Social distancing