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In Drug discovery today ; h5-index 68.0

Delivering transformative therapies to patients while maintaining growth in the pharmaceutical industry requires an efficient use of research and development (R&D) resources and technologies to develop high-impact new molecular entities (NMEs). However, increasing global R&D competition in the pharmaceutical industry, growing impact of generics and biosimilars, more stringent regulatory requirements, as well as cost-constrained reimbursement frameworks challenge current business models of leading pharmaceutical companies. Big data-based analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches have disrupted various industries and are having an increasing impact in the biopharmaceutical industry, with the promise to improve and accelerate biopharmaceutical R&D processes. Here, we systematically analyze, identify, assess, and categorize key risks across the drug discovery and development value chain using a new risk map approach, providing a comprehensive risk-reward analysis for pharmaceutical R&D.

Schuhmacher Alexander, Brieke Clara, Gassmann Oliver, Hinder Markus, Hartl Dominik