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In Emergency medicine international

For emergency or intensive-care units (ICUs), patients with unclear consciousness or unstable hemodynamics often require aggressive monitoring by multiple monitors. Complicated pipelines or lines increase the burden on patients and inconvenience for medical personnel. Currently, many commercial devices provide related functionalities. However, most devices measure only one biological signal, which can increase the budget for users and cause difficulty in remote integration. In this study, we develop a wearable device that integrates electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG), and blood oxygen machines for medical applications with the hope that it can be applied in the future. We develop an integrated multiple-biosignal recording system based on a modular design. The developed system monitors and records EEG, ECG, and peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) signals for health purposes simultaneously in a single setting. We use a logic level converter to connect the developed EEG module (BR8), ECG module, and SpO2 module to a microcontroller (Arduino). The modular data are then smoothly encoded and decoded through consistent overhead byte stuffing (COBS). This developed system has passed simulation tests and exhibited proper functioning of all modules and subsystems. In the future, the functionalities of the proposed system can be expanded with additional modules to support various emergency or ICU applications.

Lin Chin-Teng, Wang Chen-Yu, Huang Kuan-Chih, Horng Shi-Jinn, Liao Lun-De