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In Veterinary world

Gainful livestock farming requires selective breeding of animals with certain heritable desirable traits which gives profitability in terms of farm produce. Modern dairy animals are selected for traits which directly or indirectly contribute to high milk production. The concept of "feed conversion efficiency" in terms of milk production is now vigorously taken up by researchers and farm managers for recognizing and breeding efficient milk-producing animals. The whole concept of economic farming thus requires identification of "elite" animals, meeting above criteria as base population for the farm enterprise. Farmers and animal traders have been selecting best animals based on certain physical characters, which were also accepted by the breeding scientists as phenotypes. Data mining allows uncovering of hidden patterns in the data for better understanding of data relationship for developing suitable models for further improvements. Along with artificial intelligence techniques, data mining has opened new avenues for achieving high resource utilization efficiency and sustainable profitability in livestock production systems. The present review discusses and summarizes various data mining techniques and decision support systems for scientific dairy farming.

Balhara Sunesh, Singh Rishi Pal, Ruhil A P


dairy farming, data mining, decision support systems