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In The Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society

The largest public health crisis of our time, COVID-19 has recklessly squandered many of the channelized healthcare facilities globally with execution of newer guidelines over the standard architectural norms. There has been unparalleled use of smartphones and internet services to bear the major pitfall- social distancing- especially for elective treatment services. This demands a new paradigm shift from offline to online doctor-patient, student-educator, researcher-researcher operations. This articles provides an insight into potential role of orthodontic informatics to provide a combined platform to generate a learning system that routinely collects, correlates, and analyzes data for developing artificial intelligence programs, lab exploratory systems, clinical decision support systems and health-information exchange systems. In order to develop this system, orthodontic analytic communities as start-ups for developing user-friendly programs must be encouraged, where orthodontic informatics itself can be taken up as a didactic career source.

Kaur Harneet, Izhar Arisha


Clinical informatics, data analysis, electronic health records, orthodontic care