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In Technology in cancer research & treatment

Signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) of the stomach is a rare type of cancer with a slowly rising incidence. It tends to be more difficult to detect by pathologists, mainly due to its cellular morphology and diffuse invasion manner, and it has poor prognosis when detected at an advanced stage. Computational pathology tools that can assist pathologists in detecting SRCC would be of a massive benefit. In this paper, we trained deep learning models using transfer learning, fully-supervised learning, and weakly-supervised learning to predict SRCC in Whole Slide Images (WSIs) using a training set of 1,765 WSIs. We evaluated the models on two different test sets (n = 999, n = 455). The best model achieved a ROC-AUC of at least 0.99 on all two test sets, setting a top baseline performance for SRCC WSI classification.

Kanavati Fahdi, Ichihara Shin, Rambeau Michael, Iizuka Osamu, Arihiro Koji, Tsuneki Masayuki

deep learning, gastric cancer, multiple-instance learning, signet ring cell carcinoma, transfer learning, weakly-supervised learning