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In Zhen ci yan jiu = Acupuncture research

The network analysis method based on brain connectomics is an important entry point to explore the working mechanism of brain and is also the current trend of researches on acupuncture stimulation-induced changes of neuroimages. We, in the present review, summarized the common network analysis methods for exploring the underlying mechanisms of brain network-mediated regulatory effects of acupuncture interventions. Moreover, combining the current research development and our team's previous research findings, we extracted the characteristics of targeting, conditionity and dynamic of regulatory effects of acupuncture-activated brain network, and put forward our prospects about the future research from the aspects of new scanning modes (for instance, multimodal data acquisition of magnetic resonance, electroencephalogram, near infrared spectrum, etc.), network analysis (such as Granger causality analysis, complex network measures, whole-brain connectivity dynamics tracking, high-order resting-state functional connectivity analysis, etc.) and experimental research paradigms (for example, introduce of transcranial magnetic stimulation induced transient changes of brain functional activity, machine learning approach, etc.).

Xie Kun-Nan, Yin Tao, Ma Pei-Hong, Chen Li, Sun Rui-Rui, Zeng Fang


Acupuncture, Brain network, Connectomics, Regulatory effect, Review