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In Zhen ci yan jiu = Acupuncture research

Acupuncture is effective for the management and treatment of pain related diseases. At present, the patients'subjective evaluations were often used to measure the effect of acupuncture analgesia in clinical research, but it lacks objectivity and accuracy. In recent years, some studies had tried to analyze the magnetic resonance images of patients' brains using magne-tic resonance imaging and machine learning methods before and after acupuncture intervention, so as to identify specific neural markers. These markers not only helped explain the brain mechanism of acupuncture analgesia, but also provided objective indicators for the analgesic effect of acupuncture. This article analyzes the significance and feasibility of pain biomarkers research based on magnetic resonance imaging and machine learning technology, summarizes its research status in acupuncture analgesia, and makes suggestions in the future study.

Wei Xiao-Ya, Zhang Na, Li Jin-Ling, Shi Guang-Xia, Wang Li-Qiong, Tu Jian-Feng, Liu Cun-Zhi, Wang Xu


Acupuncture analgesia, Biomarker, Machine learning, Magnetic resonance imaging