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In Nature methods ; h5-index 152.0

Light-field microscopy has emerged as a technique of choice for high-speed volumetric imaging of fast biological processes. However, artifacts, nonuniform resolution and a slow reconstruction speed have limited its full capabilities for in toto extraction of dynamic spatiotemporal patterns in samples. Here, we combined a view-channel-depth (VCD) neural network with light-field microscopy to mitigate these limitations, yielding artifact-free three-dimensional image sequences with uniform spatial resolution and high-video-rate reconstruction throughput. We imaged neuronal activities across moving Caenorhabditis elegans and blood flow in a beating zebrafish heart at single-cell resolution with volumetric imaging rates up to 200 Hz.

Wang Zhaoqiang, Zhu Lanxin, Zhang Hao, Li Guo, Yi Chengqiang, Li Yi, Yang Yicong, Ding Yichen, Zhen Mei, Gao Shangbang, Hsiai Tzung K, Fei Peng