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In Toxicologic pathology

To address the challenges posed by large-scale development, validation, and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in pathology, we have constituted a consortium of academics, small enterprises, and pharmaceutical companies and proposed the BIGPICTURE project to the Innovative Medicines Initiative. Our vision is to become the catalyst in the digital transformation of pathology by creating the first European, ethically compliant, and quality-controlled whole slide imaging platform, in which both large-scale data and AI algorithms will exist. Our mission is to develop this platform in a sustainable and inclusive way, by connecting the community of pathologists, researchers, AI developers, patients, and industry parties based on creating value and reciprocity in use based on a community model as the mechanism for ensuring sustainability of the platform.

Moulin Pierre, Grünberg Katrien, Barale-Thomas Erio, der Laak Jeroen van


computational pathology, public–private partnership