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"A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for," observed that sage 19th century philosopher William Shedd. In other words, technology of high potential is of little value if the potential is not exploited. As the shape of 2020 is increasingly defined by the coronavirus pandemic, digitalisation is like a ship loaded with technology that has a huge capacity for transforming mankind's combat against infectious disease. But it is still moored safely in harbour. Instead of sailing bravely into battle, it remains at the dockside, cowering from the storm beyond the breakwaters. Engineers and fitters constantly fine-tune it, and its officers and deckhands perfect their operating procedures, but that promise is unfulfilled, restrained by the hesitancy and indecision of officialdom. Out there, the seas of the pandemic are turbulent and uncharted, and it is impossible to know in advance everything of the other dangers that may lurk beyond those cloudy horizons. However, the more noble course is for orders to be given to complete the preparations, to cast off and set sail, and to join other vessels crewed by valiant healthcare workers and tireless researchers, already deeply engaged in a rescue mission for the whole of the human race. It is the destiny of digitalisation to navigate those oceans alongside other members of that task force, and the hour of destiny has arrived. This article focuses on the potential enablers and recommendation to maximise learnings during the era of COVID-19.

Horgan Denis, Hackett Joanne, Westphalen C Benedikt, Kalra Dipak, Richer Etienne, Romao Mario, Andreu Antonio L, Lal Jonathan A, Bernini Chiara, Tumiene Birute, Boccia Stefania, Montserrat Antoni

Artificial intelligence, Big data, Diagnostics, Digital Health, European Commission, European Health Data Space, Genomics, Innovation, Machine learning, Million European Genome Alliance, Personalised healthcare, Regulatory framework, Technology