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In Meat science

A portable ultra-wide band microwave system (MiS) coupled with an open-ended coaxial probe (OCP) or Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (VPA) was tested as a non-invasive objective measurement to predict beef carcase single site fat depth at commercial abattoirs. Experiment one tested the effectiveness of MiS coupled with a VPA. The VPA was used to predict hot carcase P8 (fat depth on the rump) across 4 slaughter groups (n = 241). The VPA was also used to predict cold carcase rib fat (at the quartering site, 75% along the rib eye muscle) across 5 slaughter groups (n = 598). Experiment two tested the ability of MiS coupled with OCP to measure hot carcase P8 across two slaughter groups (n = 435). A machine learning stacking ensemble method was used to create the prediction equations. Datasets were grouped by prediction trait (P8 or ribfat) and probe/antenna then randomly divided into 5 groups based on tissue depth. Precision was greatest using OCP to predict P8 fat depth with a RMSEP of 2.47 mm and R2 of 0.70. The VPA precision was similar for the two tissue depths assessed, hot carcase P8 had an average RMSEP of 2.86 mm and R2 of 0.58 compared to cold carcase rib fat RMSEP of 2.60 mm and R2 of 0.55.

Marimuthu J, Loudon K M W, Gardner G E


Accuracy, Ensemble, Machine leaning, Meat quality, Objective measurement, Precision