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In Briefings in bioinformatics

Interactions between proteins and small molecule metabolites play vital roles in regulating protein functions and controlling various cellular processes. The activities of metabolic enzymes, transcription factors, transporters and membrane receptors can all be mediated through protein-metabolite interactions (PMIs). Compared with the rich knowledge of protein-protein interactions, little is known about PMIs. To the best of our knowledge, no existing database has been developed for collecting PMIs. The recent rapid development of large-scale mass spectrometry analysis of biomolecules has led to the discovery of large amounts of PMIs. Therefore, we developed the PMI-DB to provide a comprehensive and accurate resource of PMIs. A total of 49 785 entries were manually collected in the PMI-DB, corresponding to 23 small molecule metabolites, 9631 proteins and 4 species. Unlike other databases that only provide positive samples, the PMI-DB provides non-interaction between proteins and metabolites, which not only reduces the experimental cost for biological experimenters but also facilitates the construction of more accurate algorithms for researchers using machine learning. To show the convenience of the PMI-DB, we developed a deep learning-based method to predict PMIs in the PMI-DB and compared it with several methods. The experimental results show that the area under the curve and area under the precision-recall curve of our method are 0.88 and 0.95, respectively. Overall, the PMI-DB provides a user-friendly interface for browsing the biological functions of metabolites/proteins of interest, and experimental techniques for identifying PMIs in different species, which provides important support for furthering the understanding of cellular processes. The PMI-DB is freely accessible at

Zhao Tianyi, Liu Jinxin, Zeng Xi, Wang Wei, Li Sheng, Zang Tianyi, Peng Jiajie, Yang Yang


cellular process, mass spectrometry, protein–metabolite interactions