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In Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society

Developing efficient vessel-tracking algorithms is crucial for imaging-based diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. Vessel tracking aims to solve recognition problems such as key (seed) point detection, centerline extraction, and vascular segmentation. Extensive image-processing techniques have been developed to overcome the problems of vessel tracking that are mainly attributed to the complex morphologies of vessels and image characteristics of angiography. This paper presents a literature review on vessel-tracking methods, focusing on machine-learning-based methods. First, the conventional machine-learning-based algorithms are reviewed, and then, a general survey of deep-learning-based frameworks is provided. On the basis of the reviewed methods, the evaluation issues are introduced. The paper is concluded with discussions about the remaining exigencies and future research.

Jia Dengqiang, Zhuang Xiahai


Learning-based algorithms, Review, Vessel tracking