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In Scientific data

Heart failure is one of the most important reasons for hospitalization among elderly individuals and is associated with significant mortality and morbidity. Epidemiological studies require the establishment of high-quality databases. Several datasets that primarily involve heart failure populations have been established in Western countries and have generated many high-quality studies. However, no such dataset is available from China. Due to differences in genetic background and healthcare systems between China and Western countries, the establishment of a heart failure database for the Chinese population is urgently needed. We performed a retrospective single-center observational study to collect data regarding the characteristics of heart failure patients in China by integrating electronic healthcare records and follow-up outcome data. The study collected information for a total of 2,008 patients with heart failure, containing 166 attributes.

Zhang Zhongheng, Cao Linghong, Chen Rangui, Zhao Yan, Lv Lukai, Xu Ziyin, Xu Ping